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The history of the supporting association – IMBRADIVA e.V.

The Brazilian Women Initiative (Imbradiva e. V.) is the legal support responsible for the international child care center Curumim. The association was founded by Brazilian and German women and registered as a non-profit organization in 1998. We support Portuguese-speaking immigrants in the inclusion process into German society.

Our work advocates for gender equality and the recognition of immigrant women, as well as encouraging continuous interaction and exchange between immigrants and local people.

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Our projects are based on the work of volunteers who participate in our various projects, which and are intended to promote mutual understanding among people and raise awareness in dealing withof different traditions and cultures.

IMBRADIVA is based in Frankfurt am Main, but we also serves immigrants in a wider national and transnational global context in cooperation with various European countries and with Brazil.

Besides Curumim, Imbradiva has several other social projects:

Informal and psychosocial counseling and mediation for immigrant women in Germany – in person, by e-mail and telephone
Seminars and courses on various topics throughout the year, because learning is never enoughyou can never learn too much!
Networking and partnerships – we believe that a broad network of contacts is essential for true inclusion into a new country
Parent-child group Pirlimpimpim
“Caravan of love” – is a musical visit to a nursing home. An enriching exchange.
BIA – Beauty, Integration and Self-Esteem, gastronomic meetings with mini-lessons focused on feminist issues
(offspace) Gallery IMBRADIVA – project that makes visiblepromoting female artists with migrant backgrounds

For more information about Imbradiva, click here: www.imbradiva.org

The history of the Kita Curumim

Imbradiva e.V. has been running a mother-father-child-meeting (Pirlimpimpim) since October 15th 2003, which takes place weekly and gives children the opportunity to experience and exchange their culture in Portuguese.

As a result of this initiative, the desire arose for a multilingual child care center. This center´s environment would be tolerant and respectful of diversity, and multilingualism could be experienced in combination with loving and high-quality all-day childcare.

The Curumim International day care center is a multilingual institution. The institution presents itself not only as a family-supplementing and supportive care facility, but also as a place that values and promotes education. Education is an integral part of a child`s early years.

The tasks of the pedagogical team are, among other things, to promote, accompany and support the children individually in their holistic development and to enable the children to become multilingual. Children are perceived as the creators of their educational processes and as people with their own interests, experiences, feelings, interpretations of the world.

All children are welcomed: Boys and girls with different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and different nationalities. Diversity shapes our everyday life and is experienced as an opportunity for development.

Team Curumim

Our dynamic, dedicated and diverse Curumim team.

Map with team members
In the composition of the team, attention is paid to expertise, dialogical attitude, interculturality, collegiality, partnership and tolerance. Each member of the team is motivated to contribute his or her experience and expertise to the work.
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Gallery – Day care photos

Pirlimpimpim Logo

Pirlimpimpim is a project of the Brazilian women initiative -IMBRADIVA e. V. in Frankfurt am Main since 2003. Pirlimpimpim is an enchanted „powder“ that takes children into the world and adventures of the children’s books “Sítio do Pica-Pau-Amarelo” by the Brazilian author Monteiro Lobato. In the mother-father-child meeting, children have the opportunity to learn about Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language through playing. The PIM team plans and leads different fun activities with music, stories, typical celebrations and games. In addition, for the parents, Pirlimpimpim represents an important space for socialization and exchange of information on various topics.

Parents contribute to the maintenance of the group through their support, and through the financial participation fee, which varies according to the age of the child.

Contact us!

For more information, you can email us directly: pirlimpimpim@imbradiva.org
or visit our website:

https://www.facebook.com/pirlimpimpimimbradiva  or